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Vintage Star Wars, Animated Droids & Ewoks, figures, ships, cardbacks / boxes & accessories
Vintage Indiana Jones figures & playsets
1980's GI Joe figures & playsets, vehicles & accessories
She-Ra, Princess of Power figures, horses & accessories.
Star Wars Facts
StarWars is the most successful movie-related toy line up ever sold. Even back in 1978, for the first year that Kenner offered these toys, it sold more than 42 million of them. Between 1978 and 1986, some 250 Million figures would be sold worldwide.
Hot Wheels® Facts
Howard Newman, Mattel's top designer in 1966, designed the original 'red-stripe' wheel known today as a 'Red Line'.
Created in 1963, G.I. JOE was inspired in part by a TV show called "The Lieutenant." A licensing agent named Stan Weston brought the concept to Don Levine at Hasbro, with the idea of creating a poseable soldier for boys. Levine and his team of designers ran with the idea, and the rest is history.


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Hot Wheels GI Joe
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Personal Favorites
Toy Tinker Ape Mania
Yo Joe - Great for GI Joe collectors TheMichaelSmith Website
The Transformers Emporium Rankin / Bass Productions

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