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Vintage Star Wars, Animated Droids & Ewoks, figures, ships, cardbacks / boxes & accessories
Vintage Indiana Jones figures & playsets
1980's GI Joe figures & playsets, vehicles & accessories
She-Ra, Princess of Power figures, horses & accessories.
Star Wars Facts
StarWars is the most successful movie-related toy line up ever sold. Even back in 1978, for the first year that Kenner offered these toys, it sold more than 42 million of them. Between 1978 and 1986, some 250 Million figures would be sold worldwide.
Hot Wheels® Facts
Howard Newman, Mattel's top designer in 1966, designed the original 'red-stripe' wheel known today as a 'Red Line'.
Created in 1963, G.I. JOE was inspired in part by a TV show called "The Lieutenant." A licensing agent named Stan Weston brought the concept to Don Levine at Hasbro, with the idea of creating a poseable soldier for boys. Levine and his team of designers ran with the idea, and the rest is history.


Having worked with children since the age of 16, I attended Mohawk College, where I graduated from the Child & Youth Worker Program. While working in group homes and the school boards full time in that field for 20 years, somewhere along the line, I knew I had wanted to open up a collectors style store that would be, like the circus, of interest to children of all ages. That dream became reality when in September of 1998, I opened up with a business partner, what was then called Pak Ratz Toyz. That partnership lasted 2 years. It was then I decided to maintain the store full time on my own and attempt to come up with another catchy name. After many customers had come into the store, the main phrase from most of them was "You have a lot of cool stuff here!". It didn't take long to think of what the new name would be and so 'Kool Stuff Toys' was born.

It has grown from it's somewhat small and humble beginnings at the original location into a store just 1 block away from where it all started, with about 3 times the space and with room to grow. In addition to Buy, Sell and Trade, we now also offer consignment, as well as display cases that can be rented for a monthly fee, plus %. Not only do I do business as a store front but in the past, I have also sold many items on eBay through their auctions. My eBay user name is koolstuffcanada and when I had time, I used try to have as many as 20 items up for auction at any given time. Most likely in the near future, you will be able to once again click on the eBay button in the upper left side margin to see my current auction listings, but for now, I won't have anything listed.

Along with items that I buy, sell, trade, auction and consign, some of my most favourite childhood collections and other items that I have a keen interest in are on display throughout my store. These are the only items in my store that are not for sale.

I do my best to keep things simple at Kool Stuff. My bottom line is to continuously provide trustworthy, friendly service to my customers and to conduct business in a manner that benifits us both.

My service is reliable and has gained a reputation for being prompt and courteous.

When I was growing up, my all time favorite toyline was the Mego "Planet of the Apes" figures (I still have mine from when I was 11 years old when I would use them to capture my sister Kim's Barbies). One of my favourite eBay purchases (so far) includes a screen-worn Gorilla soldier outfit which an extra used from "Beneath The Planet of The Apes" (this is on a mannequin display, that I've named "Heston", in the store).

My other great catch was finally getting the 1970's Aurora Glow Mummy Model Kit built-up to join all the others from my childhood. 

Next came my love for anything and everything "Star Wars". While in California in 1996, we went to just about every place that was Star Wars related - we even got to the front gates of the Skywalker Ranch!.

My third favorite toyline is "Indiana Jones". Until just recently, locating Indiana Jones figures was pretty tough, even with eBay. Back in the 80's, they just didn't make enough stuff based on those great movies. This inspired me to create new figures for all of my favorite toylines (custom figures of characters that weren't made back then) and occasionally, I would auction some of them off on eBay. Something that given more time, I will most likely get into doing again.

Well, thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully you didn't drop off to sleep (more than once).


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